Anna Profile Thumb


14 hours ago

Good apartment community. Some issues with noise and bugs but overall a good experience so far. I enjoy the location of the community and the staff is very friendly but it can be hard to interact with them since there is no one located on site.

Cade Profile Thumb


4 days ago

My roommates and I have had a great time this past semester living in our apartment. The fire alarm never goes off when cooking which is nice because it did in our last apartment.

Dharmin Profile Thumb


7 days ago

So far, my resident experience has been amazing. The furnished apartments are exquisite and it doesn't feel like I'm living in a cheap college apartment. The only downside is that there are no amenities. But it is understandable considering the cheap price we are currently paying for the quality of the apartment. Including events throughout the year would help the community thrive better as it can seem dead at times. But overall, my experience has been great and I have not run into any major issues during my stay here.

Powell Profile Thumb


9 days ago

I've really enjoyed living at 1820 Centennial! All the neighbors are friendly and everyone's dogs are really sweet. Management is helpful in completing maintenance in a timely manner.

Dylan Profile Thumb


13 days ago

Friendly staff, fair price, and timely maintenance make 1820 a decent place to live. I am very happy with the experience here. I wish there were more amenities available

Mason Profile Thumb


14 days ago

Overall it’s a pretty good price for what you get. The apartments are pretty nice. Noise can be a bit of an issue sometimes, but it’s nothing unmanageable

Isabel Profile Thumb


24 days ago

Great place to live. Very convenient to centennial campus. Not very loud, with great stafff and people. The appliances sre great, nothing is missing in the apartments.

Areonna Profile Thumb


27 days ago

I love it . My roommates are great ! 1820 centennial Should have some amenities at least a pool and a gym. It’s a quiet neighborhood for the most part.

Thanks for the review, Areonna!