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Robert Capaldo C. Profile Thumb

Robert Capaldo C.

2 days ago

I love living at 1820 at Centennial. One of the best things for me is that even though the Preiss company is a massive, they still make you and your interests feel valued.

John G. Profile Thumb

John G.

14 days ago

Great place to live, new, great utilities (amazing internet), really good location as well. Probably one of if not the best off campus housing options for students. The few downsides and the reason I took .5 off was because we don't have an office here so if you have any large packages you either have them put at your door or have to go to Preiss HQ for them. Also means no pool or clubhouse here. There's also 24/7 towing, which doesn't make much sense because all the spots are rarely taken, especially during the day or on weekends

Abigail G. Profile Thumb

Abigail G.

2 months ago

I 100% LOVE where I live. It’s been the best staff, most open communication, and cleanest facilities ever! I re-signed for a second year for that reason!!

Amira W. Profile Thumb

Amira W.

3 months ago

I love 1820! At times it can be noisy but the community is great. I wish there were more amenities such as a pool/gym. The staff is always so helpful!

Bryce G. Profile Thumb

Bryce G.

3 months ago

I have no complaints here... The apartments are super nice and the maintenance is unparalleled! When I moved in these apartments were brand new and we have tried our best to take care of them

Thank you for taking the time to review our property, Bryce! We love hearing that you are enjoying your time with us!

Stephanie N. Profile Thumb

Stephanie N.

3 months ago

I've really enjoyed living here. I moved in originally with two of my closest friends, and it has been an awesome experience. We've really loved it

Thanks for the review, Stephanie! We are so happy to hear that you guys are enjoying it so much!!

Anissa P. Profile Thumb

Anissa P.

4 months ago

I love my apartment community! It is more relaxed than traditional student housing and stays fairly clean. The unit itself has plenty of room and I love the ease of paying for everything at once without having to worry about utilities. The distance from campus is perfect, and the neighborhood is quiet!

Noel C. Profile Thumb

Noel C.

4 months ago

No real complaints. Always relatively quiet. Exterior of the complex could be taken care of a little better in terms of picking up trash and things like that

Hey Noel, thanks for the review! We actually just hired a new guy for that so we are excited to see the progress at the property!

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