Charlie M. Profile Thumb

Charlie M.

1 month ago

Overall the experience has been very good. Neighbors can get a little loud at times, but it’s not a big deal. The bathrooms and kitchen are amazing, and I’m just glad to have my own room.

Enrique P. Profile Thumb

Enrique P.

1 month ago

Great place to live. There is not a good recycling system, but other than that I enjoyed my experience! It comes with all the necessary furniture and management is very good too.

Natalie S. Profile Thumb

Natalie S.

2 months ago

The best location to live in! Close to everything! I have been really happy with my experience at this apartment. It is really easy for me to get to class and work.

Majesty H. Profile Thumb

Majesty H.

2 months ago

The water could be hotter when I shower but other than that, I love the place. And everything about it. It has amazing furniture, and great leaving space.

Press C. Profile Thumb

Press C.

2 months ago

Love the apartments and it’s close to campus. Neighbors have been great. Would be nice to install some outdoor grills perhaps. Also sometimes there is not enough visitor parking.

Jonathan K. Profile Thumb

Jonathan K.

2 months ago

Great experience! Really enjoy living at Preiss 1820 centennial property off of trailwood! Extremely nice amenities and staff! Glad that I made the choice to live here

Jash G. Profile Thumb

Jash G.

3 months ago

Pros: Fantastic location. The units are nice. Price is reasonable. Staff is welcoming. The balcony is cool. Modern appliances. Cons: Hallways and stairs get a bit dirty. Dumpster is a far walk.

Camryn W. Profile Thumb

Camryn W.

3 months ago

The office staff for the most part is great. Unfortunately as time goes on my roommates are more difficult. Hopefully the next batch will be better!

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